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Anyone can take a photo and share it online. I find it empowering to be able to connect with others who share my love for photography, to be able to talk with them face-to-face, and to learn from and share with and inspire one another. And while that kind of accessibility creates a new and open playfield, it can also make it challenging for some photographers to establish credibility. Many of my favorite photos in my Google+ stream were taken by talented, passionate photographers who have unrelated careers. They’re students, supermarket stockers, financial analysts – the list goes on. They may not hold degrees in photography, but they all share a keen eye and the ability to tell powerful stories through their images.

One way to build that credibility is to be recognized in print. And through Plus One Collection, Ivan Makarov and his team celebrate innovative and iconic images and the photographers behind them, and do so in a community-driven and socially conscious way. Proceeds are reinvested in the community through non-profit organizations that help change and save lives. Thanks to Plus One Collection, now anyone can take a photo, share it online, and have their work featured in internationally distributed photography books and magazines.

-- Brian Rose, Google+ Community Manager and a Photographer

I’m delighted to have been a member of the community of photographers who contributed images towards the 2012 Plus One Collection. The result of this extraordinary collaboration was not only a gorgeous book of inspirational photography, but also a strengthening of the already tight-knit community of photographers on Google+, and a significant amount of money raised for a great cause. Where’s the downside? I will be taking part in the 2013 project and would strongly encourage other photographers to join in.

-- Dave Wilson, Photographer

Last year, for the first edition of the Plus One Collection book, I somewhat nervously sent in my first attempt at a minimalist winter scene, which was one of the very last photos I took in 2011.  Much to my delight, it was accepted to be printed in the book and even chosen as one of the print give-aways.  I can’t really express the absolute joy this brought me.  Seeing my photo in print in such a gorgeous book, alongside some of my photography idols, mentors, inspirations and even my lovely sister was one of the highlights of my year, and knowing that the money raised by this beautiful and immensely gratifying book was going to a good cause fills my heart with happiness.  I can not wait to participate again this year.

-- Athena Carey, Photographer

Google Plus has become the go-to place for great photography. But there are so many amazing images everyday, it can be overwhelming. The Plus One Collection is like a case of fine wine. It not only represents the best of the year's vintage, it allows me to savor them again and again. And it won't disappear when I've finished twelve bottles!

-- Doug Kaye, Photographer

The Plus One Collection project is a remarkable coming together of a wonderful community on Google+ to produce beautiful published works of art while also working to make our world a better place. In today's increasingly digital world, we often miss out on the the quality of printed fine art. Collaborating together a group of talented artists help to build quality publications that remind us to slow down and consume our photography a bit slower and with more thought and reflection. I'm honored to be a part of this group of individuals and to participate in contributing my own work to these publications. Thanks to Ivan Makarov and many others in our community who put the time in to help organize and make these efforts a reality. Thanks to each artist who has contributed.

-- Thomas Hawk, Photographer

The world of social networking is an odd place, one that often feels more like networking for personal gain than being social or community oriented. The Google+ photography community, however, stands out as a shiny beacon of creative energy that could so easily be lost in the endless sharing of memes, politically and commercially themed posts, and self-advertising that so typically dominates the majority of social networking platforms ... but, for some reason, it has not. Why? Because it is, first and foremost, a real community, which is, if we think about it, somewhat odd when we remember that a community is typically defined as a tightly knit group of people who live, work and share their lives in a small geographically bound area. But even though Google+ stretches our threads of discussions and photo sharing to most corners of the world-- across oceans and deserts and continents-- many of us have somehow successfully come together to share our love of photography, some of us wanting to learn a trick or two and some of us reaching out and sharing our visions and ideas to an eager, open community. It is often a wonderful experience for all involved.

Plus One Collection project represents the best of everything that the Google+ photography community offers by showcasing not only fine collections of photographs from an impressive group of talented contributors, both professional and amateur, but also the true giving spirit of a community of like-minded individuals. The first project-- which attracted 500 photographers and involved the hard work of 15 volunteers-- yielded a beautiful, self published art book with all profits going to Kiva, a non-profit organization whose mission is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. The book is, indeed, a testimonial to the generous spirit and creative talent of the photography community that have come together on Google+. And now the time has come for the second book. I am thrilled to once again have the privilege to take part.

-- Nathan Wirth, Photographer

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